The second Near Future Submarine (NFS) Technology Workshop took place on 16-17 November 2023 and was held at the Marini Impianti Industriali, an electronics manufacturer specialized in designing and building high-tech industrial installations. The workshop´s leading theme was “Designing Key Competences in the Underwater Domain developed by Industry or through Collaborative Industrial or Institutional Frameworks”.

Some 36 companies representing large, medium and small businesses specialized in the underwater technology domain, most of which are already working on the Near Future Submarine (NFS) gathered at the workshop providing all participants the opportunity to observe the latest state of art developments in the underwater segment as well as present future perspectives for the potential evolution of the NFS as well as discuss possible future development of Next Generation Submarines, in accordance with the requirements set for forth by Participating States.

The workshop saw two days of extensive discussions, meetings and presentations. Beside the company presentations, Business to Business (B2B) meetings fostered an excellent exchange of information and important industrial networking.