Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro released his updated strategic guidance October 28, “One Navy-Marine Corps Team: Advancing Department of the Navy Priorities.” The document informs activities within the Department of the Navy to include planning, investments, budgeting, and prioritization of personnel and resources.

“For more than two years, I have had the privilege of serving as your Secretary of the Navy, and I am unbelievably proud of our achievements to date. As we look forward, we will continue to advance our three enduring priorities: Strengthening Maritime Dominance, Building a Culture of Warfighting Excellence, and Enhancing Strategic Partnerships. The future of the Navy hinges on the modernization and readiness of our fleet today. Together, we strive to build a combined Navy and Marine Corps team that is modern, highly capable, and fearlessly dedicated to our mission of combat-readiness,” said Secretary Del Toro.

On the priorities, Secretary Del Toro added, “We have made smart choices in strengthening our maritime dominance relative to the pacing threat. We are building a culture of warfighting excellence fostering talent and innovation, while taking care to improve the quality of our members’ time in service. Moreover, we are enhancing our strategic partnerships throughout the world, and specifically in the Indo-Pacific. Our objective is clear: we will continue to provide a Navy and Marine Corps that can deter high-end conflict with a rapidly improving peer competitor while simultaneously protecting and advancing the global maritime interests of the Nation.”