Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto led the delivery ceremony of 5 units of 60-meter Fast Missile Ships (KCR) in the form of sailing passes, located at the Madura Koarmada II pier. Together with TNI Commander Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, KSAL Admiral TNI Muhammad Ali, CEO of PT PAL Indonesia Kaharuddin Djenod and a number of stakeholders, were present at this important moment.

The event was opened with the presence of Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto entering the delivery ceremony area with a traditional procession of welcoming the Navy. And continued by being directly treated to a parade of KRI sailing passes sequentially by MCMV Ships KRI Fani Island-731, KRI Fanildo Island-732, KRI Kapak-625, KRI Panah-626, KRI Halasan-630, KRI Tombak-629, KRI Sampari-628, and KRI Golok-688. Minister of Defense Prabowo was also accompanied by TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono, KSAL Admiral Muhammad Ali, and staff.

“Strengthening the capabilities of the sea dimension, both in terms of adding defense equipment and human resources, is absolutely necessary to meet the country’s defense needs. With the successes of this ship, it will certainly be proof that we are serious in guaranteeing the sovereignty of the nation and state,” said Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto in his speech.

Before officially undergoing the sailing pass procession, the 60-meter Fast Missile Ship made by PAL has completed the installation and integration of the weapon system, namely KRI Halasan-630 in early 2023. In addition, PAL has also completed the construction and installation of weapons on KRI Kapak-625 and KRI Panah-626 and the inauguration of the ship’s commander on May 17, 2023. Now PAL has officially handed over the 60-meter Fast Missile Ship to be tasked with safeguarding Indonesia’s maritime sovereignty.

“With the trust of the government, PT PAL Indonesia as a strategic national defense industry also supports Indonesia’s vision to become the world’s maritime axis that has been launched by President Joko Widodo. Where one of the pillars explains the importance of building a maritime defense force that has a deterrent effect,” said Kaharuddin Djenod.

On the occasion, Kaharuddin Djenod also conveyed the importance of the potential possessed in the Asia Pacific Region. He also said that “The presence of KRI Sampari-629 and KRI Tombak-628 strengthens its role in Koarmada II. Meanwhile, KRI Halasan-630 together with KRI Kerambit-627 which is currently participating in joint exercises, is further tasked with securing the waters of Northern Indonesia with Koarmada I. And KRI Kapak-625 and KRI Panah-626 are ready to protect eastern Indonesian waters from threats, equipped with weapons. Warships that from the design, production and integration of weapons systems are carried out independently by the Indonesian nation, I hope to play an optimal role in reducing potential threats to stability and peace at the regional level.”

The performance of the four 60-meter KCRs during the test period reaped above-average results, capable of traveling up to 2,400 nautical miles (NM), at speeds in excess of 28 knots. In addition, these four 60-meter KCRs are proven to be capable of sea state 6 conditions. In addition, the 60rd generation 3-meter KCR has undergone many changes to the design structure and capabilities of the ship. No wonder that in the series of tests to commodore inspections, as a sign of the last test, these two ships received praise for better performance than mandated in the contract.

The sailing pass which took place since 13.00 WIB, followed by a series of demo performances by the ranks of the Indonesian Navy, in enlivening today’s sailing pass event. In order to support the strengthening of Indonesia’s naval defense fleet, currently PT PAL Indonesia continues to innovate in developing autonomous warships and submarine products. The success and improvement of technology mastery is a manifestation of the commitment of the Indonesian nation to maintain Indonesia’s maritime sovereignty.