The series of large landing ships of Project 11711 will be continued; a decision has been made to build another pair of large landing ships for the Black Sea Fleet. This was reported by a source in the Russian defense industry.

Today, two large landing craft of the basic project 11711 – Ivan Gren and Pyotr Morgunov – are serving in the Russian Navy. Both ships are part of the Northern Fleet. Two more large landing ships – Vasily Trushin and Vladimir Andreev – are being built at the Yantar Baltic Shipyard according to a modernized design with an increased displacement. They are intended for the Pacific Fleet. Now a decision has been made to build another pair of large landing craft for the Black Sea Fleet, the keel is scheduled for 2025. There are no details yet.

Today, Yantar is building two large landing craft according to a modernized design; the ships were laid down on the same day – April 23, 2019. Since the Vladimir Andreev BDK hull was formed first, this ship will enter the fleet in 2024, the second BDK Vasily Trushin will be transferred to the fleet in 2025.

The construction of the second pair of large landing ships of the modernized Project 11711 is proceeding according to the adjusted project, this was reported in 2022 by Yantar. The BDK is capable of transporting up to 13 tanks , or up to 36 armored personnel carriers – infantry fighting vehicles, as well as a battalion of marines.

Via Tass