The Minsk BDK, which was damaged during a missile attack on Sevastopol, will be restored and returned to combat fleet. The ship restoration project has already been developed and is beginning to be implemented.

The large landing ship Minsk of the Baltic Fleet will be restored according to an updated project, during the repair the ship will be modernized. Reportedly, the consequences of the missile strike were not critical, the hull of the ship is in normal condition, the engines were not affected. It was decided during the repair to change the upper superstructure, at the same time change the composition of weapons and on-board electronic equipment.

The same type of BDK “Constantine Olshansky” from the Navy of Ukraine, located in Sevastopol since 2014, can act as a donor.

A specific project will depend on the decision of the Navy command. In Sevastopol, the BDK « Olshansky » of the same project, previously owned by the Ukrainian Navy, has long been standing. It can be used when restoring « Minsk ». But these BDKs have been built for a long time, so add-ons can get a new architecture

Izvestia opinion of military expert Dmitry Boltenkov.

According to him, the return of BDK “Minsk” to the military is a matter of principle, we must show Ukraine that the capabilities of our fleet have not decreased. We have experience in repairing BDK damaged by marine dod “Olenegorsk Miner” arrived in Sevastopol in a month to carry out combat missions.