Appointed as the leader of the Sea Phase of the Super Garuda Shield 2023 Joint Exercise (Latma), the Indonesian Navy (Navy) this time deployed five warships of the Republic of Indonesia, namely KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai-332, KRI Sultan Hasanudin-366, KRI Surabaya-591, KRI Tombak-629, KRI Teluk Banten-516. Two of them are flagship warships made by PT PAL Indonesia, namely KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai-332 and KRI Tombak-629. It is a matter of pride for Indonesia to be appointed to lead the Sea Phase Super Garuda Shield stage this time.

Quoted from the official website of the TNI, the Multilateral Super Garuda Shield (SGS) Sea Phase Joint Exercise will be held since September 8 and concludes today, September 12, 2023. As a form of strong multilateral cooperation, in order to create a stable, secure and more peaceful Indo-Pacific. This activity involves about 700 combat troops and combat materiel, and involves foreign armies in the Indo-Pacific region. The countries involved are Indonesia, the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and observer countries from Britain, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Brunei Darussalam, France, Germany, the Philippines, South Korea, and Timor Leste. With the aim of enhancing military cooperation and good military relations, as well as to develop and enhance the ability to carry out joint functions.

The Latgabma Super Garuda Shield 2023 plays out a more complex exercise scenario, by enhancing interoperability of all elements contributing to SGS 2023. The involvement of two PAL products with Dutch global strategic partners, namely KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai-332, was continued by contributing to the Gun Exercise (Gunex) series carried out by KRI GNR-332, KRI SHN-366, RSS ENV-210 and RSS VGR-92 using main guns from each ship with Tomato Killer targets located at a distance of 4 NM from the gunner. KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai-332, the most advanced ship currently owned by the Indonesian Navy, has an overall length specification of 105.11 meters and a displacement of 2,365 tons, and is a SIGMA-class multi-mission frigate warship. Not only that, PT PAL Indonesia’s state of the art, the 60-meter Fast Missile Ship (KCR) again took an important role in the joint exercise. KRI Tombak-629, which speeds 28 knots, is equipped with cutting-edge weapons. So that it is appropriate to carry out the role of hit and run.

“The assessment can be made because every multilateral exercise from a foreign country, Indonesia is always invited. Means with such an assessment, the same level as them. So there is no need to train, just strengthen it depends on the collaboration of more than one country, “said TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono quoted from the official TNI website.

The appointment of the Indonesian Navy as the leader at Latma this time, is an added value to Indonesia’s ability to pursue the advancement of the defense industry with other countries. In addition, this means that it is also an achievement for PT PAL Indonesia as one of the SOEs that provide defense products for Indonesia to maintain the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.