The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) continues to be committed to using domestic products in the manufacture of Republic of Indonesia Warships (KRI) which is a form of concrete work on the priority program of the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) TNI Admiral Yudo Margono in adding and fulfilling the Indonesian Navy’s fleet.

This statement was conveyed by Assistant for Planning and Budgeting (Asrena) Kasal Rear Admiral TNI Dr. Irwan Isnurwanto at the First Cutting and Keel Laying event for PC 40 and KAL 28 Shipbuilding at the PT Citra Shipyard Batam shipyard, Riau Islands, Tuesday (29/11) yesterday.

Asrena Kasal said this activity was an important part of the Alutsista modernization program which is one of the development priorities of the Indonesian Navy. “The 40-meter Fast Patrol Boat and the 28-meter KAL which today begin their physical construction so that they can become important components of the Indonesian Navy in the future to fulfill the demands of the mandate and expectations of the nation and state in carrying out defense, security and protecting the interests of the nation and state by sea, ” he said.

According to Rear Admiral Iwan the construction of the PC 40 and KAL 28 ships which utilize the domestic industry is not only to increase the capabilities of the Indonesian Navy, but also as a concrete step and commitment of the Indonesian Navy to succeed in government programs in building defense industry independence and utilization of domestic products .

The construction of this warship was entrusted to PT Citra Shipyard which is one of several domestic companies appointed by the Indonesian Navy to manufacture Indonesian warships for the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

The ship building process is also overseen by the PC 40 and KAL 28 Task Force, which are supported by the relevant Bintek to ensure that the PC 40 and KAL 28 ship procurement projects can run smoothly and be completed on time.