On 26th September 2023, in the frame of the Final Official Acceptance Review of PPA3 – “Raimondo Montecuccoli”, held at the Muggiano shipyard in La Spezia, the Contract Amendment nr. 7 for the PPA Program, between OCCAR-EA on behalf of Italy and the Temporary Consortium between Fincantieri and Leonardo Company, was signed.

The Amendment was awarded to increase the contractual provisions, to expand ILS and to introduce several technical changes (ECPs). To date, the Program is in a mature stage, as the first three units of the class, “Thaon di Revel” (PPA1), “Francesco Morosini” (PPA2) and “Raimondo Montecuccoli” (PPA3) were delivered to the Italian Navy. In addition, the production of the next four ships is underway: the next main milestone for the Program will be the delivery of the PPA 4 Vessel – the first one in Full version, scheduled during 2024.