Apreensão de mais de 8 toneladas de haxixe em operação de combate ao tráfico de estupefacientes - capa

​​​​​​​​Following a routine Air Force maritime patrol mission, in which suspicious movements of vessels were monitored, an approach operation was carried out in international waters, targeting the aforementioned vessels that were together, about 70 nautical miles, equivalent to approximately 130 kilometers, south of the mainland.

The successful approach carried out by a Navy vessel operated by marines, allowed the interception, the detention of the crew and the seizure of the narcotic product, hashish. Later, a second vessel was intercepted by the Maritime Police about 80 nautical miles, approximately 148 kilometers, from the coast.

The vessels were driven, with the support of a Navy speedboat, to the port of Faro, the closest location to the approach, in order to carry out the subsequent investigation steps. This action resulted in the seizure of around 8600 kg of hashish.

Eight male individuals aged between 34 and 40 years old were arrested.

The detainees will be presented to the competent Judicial Authority.

The investigation continues in the hands of the Judiciary Police.​