Surabaya (29/05) โ€” After officially carrying out the First Steel Cutting (FSC) ceremony for the second Philippines Landing Dock (LD) Export Ship in January 2024, PT PAL Indonesia recorded new achievements in construction progress to the Keel Laying stage . The inauguration ceremony was packed tightly and at the same time an inspection was carried out by the Technical Inspection and Acceptance Committee ( TIAC ) โ€‹โ€‹of the Philippine Navy at the PT PAL Indonesia workshop .

COO PT PAL Indonesia Iqbal Fikri together with GM Commercial Ship Division Supriono, and Project Manager Parnianto, representing PT PAL management accompanied the visit of TIAC Philippines, led by Capt Leo Amor A. Vidal and his team, and accompanied by Capt Emerson F Oxales PN (GSC) as Chairman of the Philippines Navy Owner Representatives (PNOR) with the team serving at PT PAL.

โ€œ Every step in the construction of this ship, from First Steel Cutting to Keel Laying, reflects the hard work and dedication of our entire team. We are proud to work with the Philippine Navy and are confident that this ship will be a valuable asset for them. “This is not just about building ships, but also strengthening defense and security relations in the Southeast Asia region, ” said Iqbal Fikri in his speech.

Starting with a presentation on the progress of the construction of the second Landing Dock Philippines ship , Parnianto as Project Manager explained a series of significant milestones that PT PAL had achieved.

Chairman of PNOR, Capt Emerson F Oxales PN (GSC) on this occasion expressed his pride, ” This is a good achievement for the second Landing Dock Ship. And I always remember that PT PAL always prioritizes quality in its products. “This project ran smoothly because we were able to collaborate with the PT PAL Project Management Team very well ,” said TIAC/PNOR

Keel Laying was marked by the handover of the second Keel Laying Landing Dock Philippines coin from COO Iqbal Fikri to TIAC Philippines Chairperson , Capt Leo Amor A. Vidal. Together with officials from both parties, witnessed the process of lowering the ship’s block taking place in the Semarang graving dock area . This Keel Laying stage is a symbol of the initial calculation of the ship’s life that has begun.

The event then continued with a technical review by the TIAC and PNOR teams at the workshop area . PT PAL Indonesia’s commitment to responding to challenges in the Landing Dock ship construction project is reflected in every progress in ship construction and the recording of positive progress achievements.

With a weight of up to 7,400 tons, it is classified as a supporting ship which is designed in accordance with the needs of the Philippine Navy in carrying out various operational assignments. Capable of sailing for up to 30 days, Landing Dock ships are an ideal solution for maritime needs, especially in the Southeast Asia region.

In the midst of the current geopolitical dynamics, the need for naval ships, both combatant ships and military support ships, is an important thing that must be met for a country. Defense capability is not only a symbol of strength, but also a tool to achieve national goals and interests