Continuing her route through the Mediterranean, on its first and historic tour around the world, the sailing training ship of the Peruvian Navy BAP “Union” arrived on December 30 at the port of Piraeus in Greece, a city where it will remain in a official visit, fulfilling the thirteenth landing point of his transcendental itinerary.

The imposing ship will carry out a sequence of protocol and cultural activities in said city, which will contribute to strengthening the long-standing relations of friendship and cooperation between the Navies of Greece and Peru.

Upon arrival, its Commander, Captain José Luis Arce Corzo, offered a press conference on board, in which he detailed the objectives of the visit, both in the academic field and in the promotion of the brand’s export products. Peru.

Likewise, he reported the holding of open days in which the local population and the Peruvian community residing in said city will have the opportunity to appreciate the characteristics and capabilities of the unit, as well as learn about the gastronomy, tourist destinations and the ancient national culture. .

The arrival of the unit was framed in a protocol welcome ceremony, which was attended by authorities from the Embassy of Peru in Greece, civil and naval authorities of said country, among other guests.