The National Aeronaval Service, within the framework of “OPERATION ALFA”, manages to deal certain blows to criminal organizations that use Panamanian waters for the international transfer of illicit substances, in the last hours more than 1,500 packages of drugs have been seized, as well as the apprehension of 11 subjects, three boats and the confiscation of a firearm with ammunition.

These results are the product of 4 anti-drug operations carried out by SENAN troops in the last 48 hours, through strict patrols to control illicit maritime and port traffic, with intelligence work in favor of the security of the Panamanian State.

The first operation was registered in the perimeter of Punta Mala, province of Los Santos, after Aeronaval units, achieved the interruption of the displacement of 1 speedboat, manned by 5 men, 3 Panamanians and 2 Colombians; resulting in the seizure of 918 packages of marijuana.

The second action against drug trafficking was carried out south of Juan Hombrón, province of Coclé, confiscating 2 speedboats that were manned by 4 men, 3 of Colombian nationality and 1 Panamanian, as well as the seizure of 241 packages of cocaine and the seizure of a firearm cal. 9mm with 34 ammunition.

The third operation is registered southeast of Punta Mala, in Los Santos, where the seizure of 1 speedboat, manned by 2 subjects of Colombian nationality, 325 packages of cocaine were seized.

The fourth operation takes place in a port terminal of Colón in the modality of containerized cargo, where two briefcases containing 60 packages of alleged illicit substance were located, hidden in a container in transit through Panama, with final destination Europe.