One Stop Systems, Inc., a leader in AI Transportable solutions on the edge, has received an order to design and develop prototypes for a sonar data processing system to be used in a foreign navy submarine application.

Procured through a new global defense prime contractor, the win represents the first AI transportable program win for a foreign navy as well as for a subsurface application.

“We are pleased to be recognized in this award for our unmatched ability to deliver a ruggedized edge processing solution with datacenter class processing within strict SWAP, thermal and noise requirements,” stated OSS CEO Mike Knowles. “The win also reflects our progress in leveraging OSS Europe to expand our global reach and customer base.”

OSS will design and build a liquid-cooled high-performance compute solution that will be deployed on submarines. The enterprise-class rugged system will be powered by two Gen 4 AMD EPYC CPUs and four of the latest PCI Express 4.0 GPUs. The system will be liquid cooled to reduce its noise signature and improve cooling efficiency in a marine environment. The prime contractor partner will provide an AI-powered sonar processing application to run on the system.

OSS expects to deliver the first prototypes by the end of the year, followed by potential production orders in 2024.

Knowles added: “We look forward to delivering on these prototype systems and moving to production while meeting the needs of our new foreign navy customer, and growing our relationship with them and our new prime contractor partner.”