OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) is pleased to announce a contract to support the Chilean Navy’s Scorpene-class upgrade program.
The contract includes the delivery of OSI’s Tactical Dived Navigation System D-MOP system and has been facilitated through a government-to-government (G2G) contract between CCC and the Chilean Navy. The first contract, signed in 2020, provided upgrades to the navigation capability of two Thompson-class submarines.

Ken Kirkpatrick, President and CEO, OSI Maritime Systems commented, “We’re proud of the work we are doing with the Chilean Navy. The success of the first contract paved the way for this subsequent agreement with the Navy; they know that we can deliver and that their submarines will be navigating with the best-dived solution available.”

Part of the design includes a Digital Maritime Operations Plot (D-MOP) with advanced ECPINS Submarine software to deliver a state-of-the-art tactical navigation advantage. In a submarine, where operating space is confined, the D-MOP’s hardware and flexible system architecture are fitted to maximize and efficiently deliver navigational and tactical advantage to the crew.

“As a result of this contract, OSI’s footprint is growing in South America as well as the number of submarines operating TDNS,” stated Jim Davison, VP Business Development, OSI Maritime Systems. “We have an impressive record with our systems operational on over 60 NATO and Allied submarines and 15 classes.”

Independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564, OSI solutions are deployed on Sweden, UK, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil submarines.