From Saturday 01 to Thursday 06 June and from Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 June 2024, the national Exercises “KATAIGIS 24” and “LAILAPS 2/24” of the Navy were held in the wider area of ​​the central and south-eastern Aegean.

Ships of the Commands, Frigates (DFG), Fast Vessels (DTS), Submarines (DY), Amphibious Forces (ADF), Mine Warfare (DNAR), Surveillance Vessels (DPE), Naval Aviation (DAN), Underwater Disasters (DDYK) participated in the Exercises ), means of the GEETHA, aircraft of the Air Force, as well as means and personnel from the Army and the Special Warfare Command (DEP).

The said trainings were carried out within the framework of the annual operational training program of the Fleet Headquarters Units, with the aim of evaluating the operational design, as well as maintaining and further increasing the operational readiness and combat capability of the participants.