Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) leadership recognized a cross-functional team of nearly 50 employees supporting work on USS Toledo’s (SSN 769) steering hydraulic cylinder March 15 as part of the boat’s Engineered Overhaul (EOH). Workers banded together from the shipyard’s Inside Machine Shop (Shop 31), Outside Machine Shop (Shop 38), Pipefitter Shop (Shop 56), Mid-Atlantic Regional Test Laboratory (Code 134), Submarine Mechanical/Piping Branch (Code 265) and Operations Department (Code 300).

“We’re joined together to recognize distinguished commitment and superior accomplishment of this team,” said NNSY Chief Engineer Mark Everett at the group’s recognition ceremony. “It was significant unplanned work that we solved on the steering hydraulic cylinder bolt hole repairs, the foundation and the realignment of it.”

“The teaming effort was demonstrated across various shifts, between Production, Engineering and Planning Department, Operations, and Quality Assurance,” added Everett. “We had the knowledge, skills, and abilities to do this work ourselves, and that’s what the Fleet and our Nation need from us, especially in today’s adversarial world.”

Everett encouraged those being recognized for this work to multiply their efforts moving forward using the hallmarks that made this job successful: clear, concise communications; open collaboration; safety focus; timely issuance of technical work instructions; and first-time quality of machine services, tool fabrication and repair execution.

Shipyard Commander Captain Jip Mosman recounted he visited Toledo to see this work in execution. “What I saw that I really want to celebrate is the team that came together,” he said. “Ideas were coming from everywhere, and you were all very proud and together on it. Recognizing you today is absolutely well-deserved and keep up the great work!”

Mosman reiterated the focus on supporting production mechanics to be successful in their work helping return ships to the Fleet. “Our job is making sure you have what you need to be successful, so wherever you’re at, whatever you’re doing, whatever team that you’re on, make sure you let us know if we’re not getting you what you need,” he said. “That opportunity to be innovative, own it, and drive it yourselves is what we want you to be able to do.”

The team accomplishment was all the more impressive given the significant growth of work during the reassembly and inspection phase, all while pushing to keep on track with project scheduling to support upcoming undocking.

“Most notably in the past NNSY has utilized outside contractors to accomplish this machine work,” said Submarine Mechanical Group Lead Mark Alley. “I and the Code 265 Mechanical Group feel the Shop 38 Steering and Diving Team supported and demonstrated exceptional skills in determining the correct set-ups of the portable drill/reaming lathe and during inspections/repairs to all steering assembly parts. In my professional opinion, our employees represented irreplaceable knowledge, skills and abilities in fabricating tooling, optical alignment, machining processes, and job execution of repairs to all the steering and diving assemblies. A really good group moving forward to support steering and diving and all systems for future availabilities at NNSY!”

“We gave Toledo a better material condition, and that’s what it needs,” said Everett. “Once Toledo leaves Norfolk Naval Shipyard, there’s going to be demands on that crew and that boat to carry out Fleet Commander tasks; they’re coming.”