“The F-35 is DOD’s largest acquisition program and it’s multinational,” said Air Force Col. Ty Joyce, former director of strategic business planning for DLA Logistics Operations. “It’s going to be critical to the future of America and peaceful nations’ fight.”

DLA is in its third year as the product support provider for North American Regional Warehousing in which it stores F-35 retail parts at DLA Distribution warehouses located at Air Force and Navy industrial sites. DLA Distribution centers also support global wholesale demands for the F-35 jet and propulsion systems by storing parts in support of the F-35 Global Spares Pool.

“This leverages DLA and U.S. TRANSCOM to bring visibility and transparency into the program so that DOD has the capacity to look at the end-to-end supply chain,” says Rick Teal, who manages DLA’s F-35 Supply Chain Integration Program.