More than 16,500 visitors had the opportunity to visit the Sailing Ship (NVe) “Cisne Branco”, moored in Salvador (BA) since August 4. Only on Sunday (6), the ship received 16,130 people during the open house, which took place from 9am to 16pm. The “White Swan” ended its stay in the city on Wednesday (9). The traditional vessel of the Brazilian Navy (MB) performs diplomatic and Public Relations functions, whose mission is to represent the country in national and international nautical events, disseminate the maritime mentality and preserve naval traditions.

The NVe “White Swan” also acts in the complement to the marine training of MB personnel, from the embarkation of Midshipmen of the Naval Academy and students of the Naval College, the Schools of Apprentice-Sailors and the Schools of Training of Officers of the Merchant Navy.

The visitation was coordinated by the Command of the 2nd Naval District (Com2°DN), in partnership with the Government of the State of Bahia and the Salvador Contermas Maritime Terminal. “I had the opportunity, along with my family, to visit what, for me, is the most symbolic and emblematic ship of our Navy. We were very happy and delighted with the organization of the event. Let more events of this size come!” celebrates João Biscos de Carvalho, 59, Retired Military Air Force.

Throughout the day, in addition to getting to know the NVe “Cisne Branco”, visitors had the opportunity to see an exhibition with naval means of the Naval Force based in Salvador and watch cultural and sports presentations, promoted by the Government of Bahia, such as capoeira circles, mini trio, typical baianas and musical performances. The wide dissemination of the public visitation had the support of the city of Salvador, the state government and the local media.

Other groups of visitorsOn Saturday (5), the “White Swan” received the visit of groups of Sea Scouts based in Salvador. On Monday (7), it was the turn of Midshipmen of the Voluntary Military Service, Sailors-Recruits and students of the Forces in Sports Program (PROFESP), all from the Aratu Naval Base (BNA).

Midshipman (RM2-S) Fernanda Silva de Oliveira, 31, said being aboard the “White Swan” further reinforced her pride in being part of the Force. “The experience also reminded me of the importance of being ready to meet any situation, anywhere, whether on land or at sea.”

Sailor-Recruit Carlos Nascimento da Silva, 22, from the second class of 2023 of BNA, also had the opportunity to participate in the visitation to the ship. “It was an indescribable feeling to step on board such a majestic vessel full of history,” Carlos said, with a twinkle in his eye. “Since I joined the ship, I have been overcome with a sense of respect for tradition and the commitment that the Navy represents.”

On Tuesday (8), representatives of the White Swan Volunteers – Salvador sectional were on board; the Yatch Club of Salvador; students of PROFESP of the Group of Marines of Salvador; of groups of Sea Scouts and the Naval Guild of the Military College of Salvador (CMS). Emily Silva Araújo, 11, a student at the Dr Otaviano Pimenta Municipal School and a member of BNA’s PROFESP, says she was excited about the ship. “It was so exciting to imagine how the sailors command the ship with such precision. I’m very happy with this opportunity.”

CMS students were also impressed with the visit. “A unique opportunity! I have always been passionate about the Navy and being able to visit the sailing ship was exceptional, I learned a lot from this experience and I was able to appreciate this unique moment, which will be marked in my life!” said Clarice Biscos, 17, a high school student at CMS.

After Salvador, the next destinations of the NVe “Cisne Branco” will be the ports of Maceió (AL), Fortaleza (CE), Belém (PA), São Luís (MA), Natal (RN), João Pessoa (PB), Recife (PE), Fernando de Noronha (PE), Vitória (ES) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ).