The Digital Ocean is a pioneering initiative to enhance NATO’s Maritime Situational Awareness from Seabed to Space through the exploitation of Emerging and Disruptive Technology. Industry is key in this effort. The Digital Ocean Industry Symposium, taking place on 16-17 April 2024 at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, will be a unique event that will bring together NATO stakeholders and industry representatives to understand how industry can best support NATO’s Digital Ocean through technology.

The Digital Ocean will link the multitude of ongoing related efforts towards a common vision: enhancing Maritime Situational Awareness by developing and coordinating persistent, agile and adaptive capabilities that concentrate sensing below, on and above the sea, then exploit data at the speed of relevance to increase the cognitive capacity of operators and decision makers across all domains.

In this symposium, we are interested in technologies such as big data (exploitation), AI/ML Applications, Sensors, Systems and Platforms, Space Imagery, Networks and Communication Systems, and any other technology that could contribute to MSA from Seabed to Space.

Interested industry partners will be provided with 4 key operational problems and asked to prepare a brief on how their product helps towards solving one or more of these problems.