Japan Marine United Co., Ltd. (President: Nobuyuki Nada, Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) is for the Ministry of Defense.
The launch ceremony for the Minesweeper (MSO) planned for FY2020 was held today at the Yokohama Office Tsurumi Factory (location: Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama City).
I went there. Prior to the launch ceremony, the vessel was named “Noumi” by Hisashi Matsumoto, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense. Ship name
“Noumi” comes from the collective name of Higashi Nomi Island and Nishin Nomi Island, which are connected to Etajima by an isthmus. This ship is March 2020.
It is scheduled to be completed and handed over in February.
This ship is planned as the fourth ship of the “Awaji” class minesweeper, which has a standard displacement of 690 tons, and is a 690-ton class minesweeper.
It is about 120 tons larger than her boat, and along with the minesweepers Awaji, Hirado, and Etajima, which are in service, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
This is the largest FRP minesweeper in the company.
Based on the technology and experience gained through the construction of minesweepers, etc., we will continue to build ships that will require advanced technology in the future.
We will continue to build high value-added ships, including the construction of
Ceremony attendees

Representative from the Ministry of Defense Hisashi Matsumoto, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense
Representative of the Maritime Staff Office Chief of the Maritime Staff Admiral Ryoto Sakai
Defense Equipment Agency Representative Defense Technical Supervisor Takahiro Ichihashi

Japan Marine United Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Nobuyuki Nada

Total length: 67m Main weapon
Maximum width: 11.0m 20mm Machine gun: 1
Depth: 5.2m Minesweeper: 1 set
Draft: 2.7m
Type and number of engines: 2 diesel main engines
Number of axes: 2 axes
Shaft horsepower: 2,200 horsepower
Speed: Approximately 14 knots