BALTIC SEA DK, May, 16, 2019 – SNMCMG1, HDMS Thetis, FGS Dillingen, HNLMS Zierikzee, BNS Bellis, HMS Ramsey, Saltholm MSD6, MSF1, HNOMS Hinnoey doing a Photex during the end of Open Spirtit. SNMCMG1 is operating in the area of Klaipeda LT. contributing to NATO’s situational awareness and participating in international exercises with Allied nations in the region.NATO photo by CPO Brian DjurslevD

Maritime start-up CUBEDIN and Thales, the world-class global leader in advanced naval technologies, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration that marks a new era in naval innovation.

Having formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in October last year, the two companies are now embarking on an exciting journey to create a modular flexible platform integrating Thales’s sensors and systems into the CUBEDIN concept.

Navy warships could soon benefit from new technology designed to equip them for future operations.

This innovative solution will seamlessly integrate Thales’s state-of-the-art sonar sensors into a warship through CUBEDIN’s software platform. This ensures that modular vessels are equipped with unparalleled versatility, enabling rapid deployment and customization of sonar sensors to address a wide array of maritime challenges.
The partnership between CUBEDIN and Thales brings together the best of both worlds – CUBEDIN’s expertise in maritime software solutions and Thales’s proficiency in naval anti-submarine sonar systems.

“At CUBEDIN, we’re driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of maritime technology with our software. This partnership with Thales is a testament to our commitment to innovation,” said Danny Ingemann, CUBEDIN CEO. “By seamlessly integrating Thales’s cutting-edge sonar sensors through our software solutions, we’re creating a game-changing platform that will empower naval forces with unmatched flexibility and capability.”

Through this collaboration, modular ships will receive a unified, software-driven ecosystem that seamlessly connects Thales’s sophisticated sonar sensors, enhancing surveillance, detection, and response capabilities.

Renewed anti-submarine warfare capabilities are necessary to address increasing threat of submarines.

New threats and the need to conduct operations in both deep and shallow waters have led to a significant shift in operational requirements. Drawing on strong references and unparalleled skills in the undersea battlespace, Thales collaborates with each customer to adapt its proven, interoperable solution to the specific needs of any type of surface vessel.

The cooperation between Thales and CUBEDIN A/S demonstrates Thales’s ambition and commitment to partnering with local companies for the benefit of both the local and international defense industry and customers.

Thales and CUBEDIN’s new approach to designing modular combat platforms aims to provide Thales’s cutting-edge Anti-Submarine Warfare and Mine Warfare sonar technologies to these new modular vessels.
This collaboration will allow both partners to define the best trade-off in terms of modularity and performance at sea.