HNLMS Groningen intercepted almost 2.1 kilos of cocaine in drug seizures in the Caribbean. This already happened on 11 and 12 September but was only announced today. In the first capture, the suspects surrendered only after warning shots.

In both cases, Groningen was informed by an American patrol plane about suspicious go-fasts. The fast interceptor FRISC came into action. On board was not only crew of the Groningen, but also a delegation of the US Coast Guard.

In the first action, the suspects did not simply surrender. That only happened after warning shots. That was not necessary in the second action. All suspects and the total of about 985 kilos of contraband have been handed over to the Americans. They proceed to prosecute.

Groningen has been active as a station ship in the Caribbean since May 2023. The Dutch navy ship is used, among other things, in counterdrug operations. It does this together with the Caribbean Coast Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard.