On April 8, 2023, a few days after the success of her first ASTER launch, the multi-mission frigate with enhanced air defense capability (FREMM DA) Lorraine, the latest addition to the FREMM program, sailed from its base port to begin its deployment of long duration (DLD).

Two years after her sister ship Alsace, which had tested its systems in cold seas, the Lorraine will be confronted with warm waters and demanding operational environments during this final stage before its admission to active service.

The frigate’s endurance and the robustness of its operational systems will be tested and assessed, particularly in anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare, areas in which it specializes.

To this end, this deployment will promote advanced interactions with partner navies: those of the United States and Japan, but also Egypt, Greece and India. In order to test its systems in realistic environments, Lorraine will support operations in the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and as far as the North-West Pacific. This second phase of the verification of the military characteristics of the building is carried out under the supervision of the CPPE (Permanent Commission for Programs and Tests).

On the quay, on this Easter weekend, many families gathered, with the emotion of the great days, to witness the departure of the sailors for this extraordinary mission.