On September 23, the frigate “Liberal”, of the Brazilian Navy (MB), conducted exercises on the high seas with the Maritime Action Ship “Tornado”, of the Spanish Navy, during Operation “GUINEX-III”. The training seeks to promote interoperability between ships operating off the west coast of Africa, as well as to strengthen ties of friendship with Navies committed to enhancing maritime security in the region.

The exercises included the performance of Leap Frog, in which the maneuver of approaching ships at close range is trained, and Light-line, which consists of the passage of a device for the purpose of maintaining the position between the ships while sailing, at a planned distance. These actions aim to improve training for the transfer of cargo and oil at sea. In addition, MB UH-12 Esquilo aircraft landed on the Spanish ship.

The action also enabled the demonstration of the operational capabilities of the Brazilian Navy in conducting exercises that require a greater degree of planning, together with a relevant Navy in the context of the European Union, during Operation “GUINEX-III”, of Brazilian coordination.

Operation “GUINEX”, which is in its third edition and has been taking place since 2021, aims to strengthen relations between the Brazilian Navy and the Navies and Coast Guards of the countries of the west coast of Africa, in addition to contributing to Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea region and promoting the importance of the South Atlantic Cooperation and Peace Zone. This Cooperation Zone began as a forum in 1986 to encourage dialogue and cooperation among the countries bordering the South Atlantic, fostering the maintenance of peace and maritime security in the region. However, each year has been gaining more relevance and the convergence of the countries involved.

In continuation of the Operation, in the period from September 18 to 21, the Brazilian Frigate will be moored at the Port of Dakar, Senegal, where exercises will be held in the port and workshops to share operational experiences with the local navy, as well as plan exercises at sea after undocking.

Maritime Action Ship “Tornado” The Maritime Action Ship “Tornado”, which was incorporated in the year 2012 into the Spanish Navy, is the fourth and last of the “Meteor” class, built at the San Fernando shipyard in Cadiz, Spain.

Based at the Military Arsenal of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it plays a significant role in Maritime Security and has as its mission the maritime control against asymmetric or conventional threats of small amount, mainly in a low-intensity scenario, as well as limited neutralization actions in the context of Maritime Security. Thus, the 94-meter-long vessel carries out presence actions in the fight against drug trafficking, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, as well as anti-piracy activities.