At the Middle Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant (part of the Joint Shipbuilding Corporation), factory sea trials of the mine defense ship Lev Chernavin of Project Alexandrit began.

During tests in the Gulf of Finland, SNZ ships and the crew of the minesweeper will check the operation of the main systems and mechanisms of the ship, means of communication, detection and navigation. Having completed the program, the delivery team and the crew of the minesweeper will begin state tests, after which the ship will replenish the composition of the Baltic fleet.

The ship was laid on July 24, 2020 and became the eighth mine minesweeper under construction at the Central Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant under the Project Alexandrit. He bears the name of Lev Davydovich Chernavin, Rear Admiral, who for many years commanded submarines and submarine connections of the Northern Fleet.

The project was developed by the Central Marine Design Bureau « Almaz » (part of the USC) and belongs to the new generation of mine-tral forces. The minesweepers of this project are designed to combat sea mines, which they are able to detect both in the water of marine areas and in sea soil without entering the danger zone. Ships can use various types of trawls, as well as tele-controlled and autonomous uninhabited underwater vehicles, to combat mines.