During the month of August, within the framework of the inter-institutional support carried out between the Third Naval Zone and the V Army Division, the LSM barge “Elicura” sailed the access channel to Chilota Bay, Porvenir, after 12 years without making that route.

The Commander of the LSM “Elicura”, Commander Pablo Ugarte, explained that, “navigating the access channel and beaching in Chilota Bay, on seven occasions, to support the V Army Division, was achieved thanks to detailed planning, the compilation of multiple past experiences and the support of the company TABSA and its ferry ‘Pathagon’, that facilitated the boarding of the pilot and the navigator to carry out the previous reconnaissance. It was an excellent challenge to demonstrate the operational capabilities of the ship and the degree of training of its crew.”

The route was made with the purpose of moving road material, artillery and personnel belonging to the V Army Division used during Jauken 2023.

The Barge “Elicura” dependent on the Third Naval Zone supported in this task a navigation that had not been executed in the last 12 years due to its difficulty, the degree of anchoring of the channel and the fact that there had not been a need that merited taking the risk.