JSC Kronstadt Marine Plant (OSK) completed the preparation of participating ships and support vessels of the Main Naval Parade, which will be held on Navy Day on July 30 in the Neva in St. Petersburg and in the waters of the Gulf of Finland in Kronstadt.

The plant’s specialists prepared almost 30 ships and ships, including designed and built at OSK enterprises. In the kilvater system, minesweepers, corvettes, small anti-submarine and educational ships, submarines, landing and patrol boats will or will participate in the gala show. Fully prepared fleet of – boats, tugboats, tankers, fins, fire vessels, rescue vessels.

The main naval parade on Navy Day will be held in St. Petersburg and in Kronstadt for the seventh time. The Kronstadt Marine Plant is the lead company in providing for the preparation of the parade. Its task is to repair and prevent the maintenance of participating ships and support vessels.

Almost all the services of the – plant of electricians, painters, welders, locksmiths, and hulls were involved in the work. To quickly solve the problems that arise, on-site repair teams were formed.