The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) is once again participating in a large-scale international exercise for the year 2022, which is Exercise KAKADU 2022 (KA22) which starts on September 12 to September 24, 2022 in Darwin, Australia.

This is after the participation of the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) 2022 in Hawaii, United States, last August by the Corvette-type ship, namely the Royal Ship (KD) LEKIR, but this time the Frigate-type ship, KD LEKIU was assigned to participate in KA22 to represent Malaysia.

KD LEKIU’s participation in Exercise KAKADU 2022 is the second and fifth participation for TLDM since 2001. KD LEKIU set sail from Lumut TLDM Base Mooring on 23 August and arrived in Darwin on 12 September. Before arriving in Darwin, KD LEKIU was also involved in Exercise MALINDO JAYA 26/22 in Surabaya, Indonesia. KD LEKIU’s voyage to Darwin proves the capability of TLDM to participate in Australia’s largest military exercise involving the countries of the Indo-Pacific region.

KD LEKIU had the opportunity to perform Refueling At Sea (RAS) with the Royal Australian Navy’s logistics ship, HMAS STALWART before entering Darwin waters.

Various activities are planned in KA22 which not only involve military training but also emphasize the aspects of cooperation, leadership and friendship between the countries involved through sports activities (KAKADU Shield Ninja Challenge ) and receptions.

Today, KD LEKIU was engaged in a cannon firing exercise and successfully hit the target.

“Exercise Kakadu is an activity involving the navy at an international level which aims to further strengthen the relationship between the participating countries. Themed ‘ Partnership , Leadership , Friendship ‘ for this exercise, it is very important in the implementation of the 15-day exercise at sea and on land.

“Exercise Kakadu provides an excellent opportunity for regional partners to conduct multinational maritime activities ranging from enforcement operations to high-level maritime warfare in a combined environment,” said Commander of the Australian Navy, Vice Admiral Mark Hammond when speaking at the KA22 Opening Ceremony on 12 September.

In addition to KD LEKIU which was involved as the main asset, KA22 also involved six delegations from TLDM led by the Western Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Datuk Abu Bakar bin Md Ajis, Commander Shahrizan Jaszle binti Jasmin TLDM, two Sea Riders, Lieutenant Commander Lavendra a/l Jayamohan TLDM and Lieutenant Commander Shahryzal bin Abu Samah TLDM and two Exercise Controllers (EXCON) namely Lieutenant Commander Arifazizi bin Azizi TLDM and Lieutenant Commander Mohd Shahril bin Abdul Ghani TLDM.

TLDM officers who are assigned as Sea Riders are responsible for ensuring that the coordination of the planned training series can be carried out properly and in accordance with the prescribed procedures. These people are stationed on foreign naval vessels. The Sea Rider is responsible for observing and recording the training procedures implemented and making a report as a record of the training implementation. This record will be a reference for every country involved in improving operational procedures, especially when there is a need for joint operations with foreign navies. In addition to Malaysia, representatives of the Philippines, Fiji, Solomon Island, New Zealand, Samoa and Cambodia were also given the opportunity to be Sea Riders.

For the first time, two TLDM officers have also been entrusted with EXCON. As EXCON, they need to work together in Battle Watch where every series of exercises is observed including logistics management, human resources and exercise administration to ensure that the exercises run smoothly. In addition, TLDM was also entrusted with the responsibility of being a public relations officer with the United States Navy in ensuring the publicity of this exercise reaches the target audience.

The presence of the Commander of the Western Fleet in this exercise proves Malaysia’s seriousness in strengthening defense diplomatic relations between the countries involved. This meeting also provides an opportunity for Malaysia to exchange current information related to route safety and the maritime industry.

KA22 is a biannual exercise organized by Australia led by the Royal Australian Navy and assisted by the Royal Australian Air Force involving Indo-Pacific countries. This exercise involved a total of 3000 participants, 15 ships and more than 30 aircraft from 20 countries.