The Passage Exercise (PASSEX) between the Royal Malaysian Navy (RLDM) ship KD JEBAT and the Royal Canadian Navy ship HMCS WINNIPEG was carried out in the waters around the Malacca Strait on 20 September 2022.

HMCS WINNIPEG, which is a Canadian warship that arrived in this country on 14 September 2022, departed from Port Klang yesterday after completing its goodwill visit program in addition to celebrating the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

PASSEX is one of the initiatives of the TLDM and the Royal Canadian Navy to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two countries and to improve joint interoperability capabilities.

In order to meet the objectives of the training, several evolutions were realized including Tactical Maneuver , Replenishment at Sea Approach (RASAP) and Communication exercises before concluding with Sail Past and Breakaway by HMCS WINNIPEG on the left side of KD JEBAT.

In addition, TLDM fennec aircraft are also involved in this exercise as a support asset to carry out aerial photography. KD JEBAT has also had the opportunity to carry out internal training to improve the competence of its citizens through Flood Control and Fire Fighting (MKMA) and Surface Tactical Firing training .

The success of this exercise proves the precise commitment between the two sides, namely KD JEBAT and HMCS WINNIPEG in establishing a strategic bilateral relationship as well as the interoperability capability of TLDM assets with friendly navies in addition to strengthening the defense diplomacy relationship of the two countries.