From November 19th to 20th, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s “P-1” jointly gathered information and conducted surveillance with the U.S. Navy’s “P-8A” and the Royal Australian Air Force’s “P-8A” in the sea and airspace surrounding Japan. Surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) was conducted.

Considering the security environment surrounding Japan, it is essential to maintain a constant surveillance posture and implement flawless ISR, and expanding joint ISR in cooperation with allies and like-minded countries will improve deterrence. From that point of view, it’s extremely important.

The recent joint ISR, which was implemented based on the Japan-U.S.-Australia Defense Ministers’ Meeting Joint Statement on June 3, 2018, has improved interoperability among the three countries and enabled even closer cooperation. It is of great significance.

Through these efforts, we will continue to strive to further improve the capabilities important to Japan’s defense, and deepen security and defense cooperation between Japan, the United States, and Australia.