Early Wednesday, February 7, the ATF 65 “Janequeo” set sail from the Captain Guillermos Dock in Punta Arenas, thus beginning its journey to the Chilean Antarctic Territory within the framework of its service commission on the white continent.

Coming from Talcahuano, the Unit had arrived days before in the capital of the Magallanes Region to carry out the necessary logistical preparations. This included the supply of essential material to support operations at national bases, as well as support for the work of the Chilean Antarctic Institute and assistance to friendly countries.

With a crew of 50 people, the ATF “Janequeo” also marks an important milestone by having, for the first time, female personnel on board. Frigate Captain Cristián Serón Martínez, Commander of ATF 65 “Janequeo”, highlighted the presence of these officials (two Officers and two Seafarers), who will be part of this navigation to the Chilean Antarctic Territory. “ It is the first time that we have women on board the Janequeo. They are young, recently graduated from their schools, but also with experience in other units. They have all participated in the ship’s activities, showing great enthusiasm for navigation and for what we will do in the Antarctic territory ,” he indicated.

In addition, the vessel has officers from foreign navies on board, including those of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Commander Serón stressed the importance of this company, since it allows an exchange of knowledge and accumulated knowledge of our Navy on operations in Antarctica, especially with regard to navigation in polar waters.

One of the foreign officers on board, Lieutenant Benjamin Barber of the Royal Australian Navy, shared his excitement before the sail. ” I am very excited about this crossing to the Chilean Antarctic Territory, since it is my first time. Everyone on board has been very welcoming and I am learning a lot, in addition to improving my Spanish. I hope that this navigation will be dynamic and I will be able to witness different operations. I am interested in exploring this region at some point with my national navy and taking with me important lessons for the future .”

In addition to its tasks in Antarctica, the ATF “Janequeo” will carry out maritime signaling maintenance tasks in the channels of the Magallanes region. These actions reaffirm the commitment of the Chilean Navy to protect maritime activities and preserve national sovereignty in this region of vital strategic importance.