Main Naval Base V (Lantamal V) welcomed the arrival of three Russian warships, two of which were anti-submarine destroyers belonging to the Russian Navy, namely Admiral Panteleyev-548 and Admiral Tributs-546. The three of them docked at North Jamrud Pier, Tanjung Perak, Surabaya. (10/22/23).

32 Lantamal V soldiers were deployed to carry out the Merplug of the arrival of the Russian Warship, the visit of the Russian Warship was in order to strengthen and maintain good relations between Russia and Indonesia.

The visit of the Russian Navy will last for four days, later there will be several visits from the Russian Navy, namely Captain (Navy) Aleksei Antsiferov Deputy Commander of the Division of Surface Ships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Present on this occasion was the Operations Assistant (Asops) for Danlantamal V, Marine Colonel (P) Muhammad Taufik and several PJUs in the ranks of Lantamal V.