The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) assigned the Republic of Indonesia (KRI) Sultan Hasanuddin (SHN)-366 is a SIGMA class corvette and KRI Alugoro (ALG)-405 which is a submarine of the Koarmada II Submarine Unit, carrying out a Passing Exercise (Passex) with the Australian Submarine HMAS Waller-75 in the Northern Waters of Bali to the Indonesian Archipelago Channel (ALKI) II, Thursday (31/8).

Passex is an exercise to welcome or accompany warships of friendly countries that will enter or leave the Indonesian Territorial Sea. This Passex activity was carried out with the aim of establishing good cooperation and strengthening diplomatic relations between the navies of the two countries that already exist. In addition, this activity is also a medium of communication between the two countries and improves the professionalism of soldiers for the Navy with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

HMAS Waller-75 is a Collins-class submarine built by the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC Pty Ltd) launched in 1997 and commissioned by the Royal Australian Navy in 1999. HMAS Waller-75 based at Fleet Base West, Perth has after carrying out exercises the opportunity to pay tribute by carrying out flower sowing at the sinking site of KRI Nanggala in the north of the island of Bali.

Commander II Laksda TNI Yayan Sofiyan in his statement explained that Passex between the Navy and the RAN was an effort to hone the abilities, as well as the professionalism of Navy soldiers in carrying out their duties and responsibilities to protect Indonesian waters, Passex was also carried out with the navies of friendly countries when friendly country Navy ships were entering Indonesian waters.

On a separate occasion, the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral Muhammad Ali conveyed to all ranks of the Navy to give their best in every task mandated and maintain good diplomatic relations between sahaba countries, especially in Indonesian territorial waters.