n order to continue to hone the professionalism of the Indonesian Navy’s Jalasena soldiers in operational aspects, as well as improving the elements’ abilities in implementing anti-surface ship and anti-air combat tactics, the Indonesian Navy held an Artillery Competition for the Indonesian Fleet Command, Thursday (16/11).

This competition was witnessed directly by the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy (Kasal), Admiral TNI Dr. Muhammad Ali from aboard the KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata-331, which was sailing around Gundul Island, North of Semarang. It was recorded that dozens of combatant warships were deployed and fired their artillery targeting Gundul Island and aerial targets in the form of drones as targets.

This artillery competition is part of the Level-III Combat Task Training (Glagaspur) training for the Indonesian Navy’s Fleet Command. This exercise involves various types of elements ranging from Combatant Ships, Personnel Transport Ships, Amphibious Ships, as well as Indonesian Navy air elements.

Glagaspur was held with the aim of increasing tactical capabilities in the fields of Electronic warfare, Anti-Surface, Anti-Submarine, Air Defense Warfare, and Amphibious Landing Operations, as well as increasing tactical cooperation between elements in carrying out naval combat operations, and increasing elemental capabilities in battle tactics.< /span> That’s the news from the Naval Information Service. On various occasions Kasal Admiral TNI Dr. Muhammad Ali has emphasized that the Indonesian Navy continues to focus on achieving a force that is ready to be operational in the form of high alertness and preparedness. “Modernization and maintenance and upkeep of Alutsista must have real results, namely Alutsista which is ready to be operational and ready to be deployed according to operational needs,” he said.

At the field maneuver stage, apart from carrying out the Artillery Competition on Gundul Island, this training series will also carry out an amphibious landing on Banongan Beach, East Java by Indonesian Navy Marine Troops on 18 November 2023.