Commander of the Fleet Command (Pangkoarmada) IIl Rear Admiral TNI Rachmad Jayadi led the welcoming and acceptance ceremony for TD Umsini and TD Irau who joined the ranks of Koarmada III, at Mako Lantamal XIV Sorong Pier, Sorong City, Southwest Papua, which was attended by the Chief of Staff of Koarmada III Admiral First TNI Singgih Sugiarto, Commander of Lantamal XIV, First Admiral TNI Deny Prasetyo, Main Officer of Koarmada III and Lantamal Thursday (02/11/2023).

In his speech, Commander III explained that the two newest tugs belonging to Koarmada III, namely TD Umsini and TD Irau, had been inaugurated and handed over and entered the ranks of Koarmada III on August 21 2023 in Jakarta, both of which were produced by the nation’s children, namely PT Noahtu Shipyard Jakarta.

This is in line with the commitment of the Navy in supporting the Government’s policy in the form of Increasing the Use of Domestic Products (P3DN) and is clear evidence of the independence of the domestic defense industry, said Pangkoarmada III.

Furthermore, Pangkoarmada III said, TD Umsini and TD Irau are Port Tug type ships manned by around 10 personnel who will be used to assist Koarmada III warships / KRI ranks, especially large ones to dock at Sorong Port, especially at Lantamal XIV Pier, as well as Mako Koarmada III Katapop Pier, Sorong Regency, so as to optimize the time and safety of navigating KRI in the port channel.

In addition, Pangkoarmada III added, that this Tugboat, in addition to being able to support the docking of the KRI, also has the ability to overcome fires at sea and in the port because it is equipped with an External Fire Fighting system device, in addition, it is also equipped with an Oil Dispersant System to overcome oil waste pollution at sea.

Thus, TD Umsini and TD Irau are expected to be able to assist the function of the Base in supporting KRI operations and improving safety in the Lantamal XIV Sorong Port area from the danger of fire and waste pollution at sea, said Pangkoarmada III At the end of his remarks, Pangkoarmada III welcomed and welcomed to join the ranks of Koarmada III, especially in Lantamal XIV Sorong to all soldiers of the two ships and advised to always maintain and maintain the technical condition of the ship, so that the level of ship readiness is always maintained and can meet the demands of operational preparedness of Koarmada III elements, as well as uphold the principle of Zero Accident and comply with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) so that the safety of personnel and material is always maintained.