Nagasaki, Japan, 10 juni 2024, Zr.Ms. Tromp brengt een haven bezoek gedurende Pacific Archer. Foto: Aankomst bij ligplaatst Seaside park.

Tromp has completed the last port visit to Asia. The naval vessel departed Nagasaki today. De Tromp is now preparing for the next phase of the Pacific Archer world tour. The ship will soon participate in Rim of the Pacific Exercise around Hawaii. This is the largest naval exercise in the world.

Nagasaki was the last port in Asia for the ship. Previously, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Hai Phong and Busan were visited.

With Pacific Archer, Defense is fulfilling its intention to strengthen its military presence in the Indo-Pacific and strengthen ties with current and future partners in the region. The Netherlands has major interests in the Indo-Pacific . Economically, the Netherlands and Europe depend on free trade and good relations with the countries in the region.

On the way to Japan, HNLMS. Trump participated in an international maritime security mission in the East China Sea. The goal was to enforce sanctions against North Korea. The Netherlands thus contributed for the first time to the so-called UN Security Council Resolution Enforcement Coordination Cell (ECC).

In addition to the Tromp, the NH90 maritime attack helicopter, which is on board, was also deployed. This led to the approach of Chinese fighter planes and a Chinese helicopter earlier this month.

The ECC is a partnership of 10 countries. In the East China Sea, they ensure that North Korea cannot trade in crude oil, among other things. This sanction was imposed in 2017 after the country conducted nuclear tests.

The task consisted of collecting any evidence so that ships that violated the imposed rules could be banned. This must always be done through regulations, not through violence. The crew did not have to take action.