HJSC(CEO: Hong Moon-Ki) announced the execution of ROK Navy Dokdo Improvement System Project of 180.8 Billion KRW, the first Korean-style large platform experimental, with Defense Acquisition Program Administration on the 29th. The project will substantially enhance the power of ROK Navy Dokdo, the first large platform experimental in Korea.

ROK Navy Dokdo Improvement Project is to secure operation capability and follow-up logistic support by replacing the systems including aged combat system and radar mounted on ROK Navy Dokdo leading the landing operation of ROK Navy for 15 years since its delivery to ROK Navy in 2007.

14,000-ton large platform experimental, ROK Navy Dokdo carrying troops and equipment for landing operation can accommodate 700 soldiers of landing forces and 7 helicopters. It is the amphibious assault vessel which can be used for rescue in case of disasters and transport of overseas Koreans in case of emergency as well as command landing operation.

HJSC completed the master design in 1999, started construction in 2002 and brought the ROK Navy Dokdo into service in 2007 after successful launch in 2005. In 2021, HJSC delivered the ROK Navy Marado, the second large platform experimental, to the ROK Navy after the perfect construction.

ROK Navy Dokdo Improvement Project is the follow-up enterprise after successfully completing the Korean-style destroyer improvement, the first improvement project for surface vessel. ROK Navy Dokdo Improvement Project will enhance the battle command capability and detection performance by applying more improved Korean battle system.

As the only national defense system provider in Korea designing and constructing 2 large platform experimental for ROK Navy, HJSC proved its matchless competitiveness in the performance improvement project through this project.

Successfully entered into the commercial vessel market again last year, HJSC aims to maximize the synergy effects through two-track strategy by expanding the commercial vessel business around container ship as its advantageous category and more progressively participating in various kinds of the naval vessel projects.

An official of HJSC said that it shared the history of ROK Navy vessels as constructing a variety of patrol killers, guard ships, battle vessels, large platform experimental, landing vessels (LST), logistics support ships and landing ship fast(LSF) since it started construction of the first Korean guard ship ‘Haksaengho’ in 1972. He added that HJSC would fulfill its mission to strengthen national defense strength as the national defense system provider by successfully enhancing the performance of ROK Navy Dokdo.