On 22.07.2021, the company Fassmer was commissioned with the manufacture and delivery of two 51.70 m long measuring boats for the Military Technical Office (WTD) 71 of the German Armed Forces. The christening of the second ship took place November 9th at the shipyard pier in Berne / Motzen.

In autumnal weather, Maren Jonas, wife of the mayor Gustav Otto Jonas of the municipality of Schwedeneck, christened the ship “Stollergrund” in front of around 30 invited guests. It is named after a shoal in the Kiel Fjord.

The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) is commissioned by the Federal Office of Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support of the German Armed Forces (BAAINBw). The new building was constructed in accordance with civil shipbuilding standards, taking into account the special requirements for military testing and research at sea.

The concept of the multi-purpose boat developed by Fassmer allows for a simple, flexible and individual adaptation of the equipment and facilities in order to be able to easily adapt the use of the vessel to the different tasks. This ensures that the boat’s capabilities are always configured in a targeted manner.

As a defence technical service for ships, naval weapons and maritime technology and research, WTD 71 has a total of nine vessels with special capabilities to carry out its tasks. With the procurement of the two SVK survey boats, the multi-purpose boats of class 745 “Breitgrund” and “Mittelgrund” will be replaced after 32 years, as well as the barrage weapon test boat “Wilhelm Pullwer” of class 741, after 55 years.

The new measuring boat, which will be based in Eckernförde, will support, among other things, the safeguarding and recovery of torpedoes in the context of trials, the accompaniment of submarines in shallow water tests, but also the use of autonomous underwater vehicles as well as diving missions as part of military investigations of diving equipment and equipment as well as research projects near the coast.


Frank Menning, Director of the Military Technical Office WTD71, Maren Jonas, godmother of the new Stollergrund, Holger Fassmer, Managing Partner of  Fassmer GmbH & Co.KG, Dirk Weber, Chief Technical Government Director BAAINBw.
  • Length overall: 51.7 m, beam on frames 10.2 m, construction draught 3.65 m, top speed: 13 knots in sea state 4
  • Motorization: two 1580 kW Wärtsilä engines
  • Diesel-electric drive
  • Special features of the vessel: DP2 capable, large free area on the working deck, moonpool, offshore crane, stern gallows
  • Maximum occupancy is 23 people