After participating in the Paille-en-Queue training, the surveillance frigate (FS) Nivôse left Reunion Island on 4 September for an operational deployment to the Indian Ocean.

The frigate made the first stop of its surveillance mission in Zanzibar after a multi-day patrol off the Scattered Islands and in Mayotte waters.

Inaugurating new navigation and maneuvering equipment, the Nivôse was able to dock in the heart of the port of Zanzibar City. A delegation of Tanzanian forces and coast guard as well as the local defense mission were present at the arrival of the building. The commander showed the local forces the edge and also welcomed the First Counsellor of the Tanzanian Embassy, Mr. Axel-David Guillon. At the end of the few representation activities and logistical operations, the sailors were able to take advantage of this destination to regenerate as a crew.

The surveillance frigate, based on Reunion Island, has the mission to fight against trafficking fueling international terrorism and promote our sovereignty in the Scattered Islands. The Nivose is a multi-purpose surveillance frigate with a trained and reinforced visiting team, composed of a detachment of seven marines embarked for the mission.

The Armed Forces in the Southern Indian Ocean Zone (FAZSOI) carry out a wide range of missions in a permanent area of responsibility with significant elongations. From Mayotte and Reunion, more than 1,700 soldiers guarantee the protection of the population, protect exclusive economic zones, fight piracy and illicit trafficking. FAZSOI frequently supports State action missions at sea and implements the France’s military partnerships with countries in southern Africa and the southern Indian Ocean.