On the sidelines of its supply mission to the Scattered Islands, which began on August 20, the Overseas Support and Assistance Building (BSAOM) Champlain carried out a cooperation action with a Malagasy navy vessel.

The stopover in Diego-Suarez, in the north of Madagascar, was an opportunity for the BSAOM Champlain to continue its cooperation activities with the Malagasy Navy by providing, from the first day of docking, technical expertise to the tug Trozona on one of his damages.

The Malagasy coastal patrol vessel Malaky and the BSAOM Champlain then carried out refueling training at sea in Diego-Suarez Bay. The two buildings demonstrated perfect synchronization, essential during this delicate and technical maneuver, in order to operate in complete safety.

The FAZSOI vessels are regularly called upon to develop operational synergies with the vessels of the Malagasy Navy, which is an important partner in the region. These actions contribute to the dynamism of Franco-Malagasy operational military cooperation in the permanent area of ​​responsibility of the FAZSOI in southern Africa.

The 1,700 soldiers deployed to the FAZSOI guarantee the protection of the national territory and drive regional cooperation from Reunion and Mayotte. The FAZSOI constitute the main point of support of the “Indian Ocean” theater to fight against new threats such as drug trafficking, ensure the surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) associated with all the islands of the area of ​​responsibility and maintain a regional rapid response capability.