From 29 December to 3 January, the crew of the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Provence, on a mission in the Eastern Mediterranean, carried out an operational break in Limassol on the island of Cyprus. This release allowed the sailors to develop their interoperability with the Cypriot Navy as well as with the crew of the Italian FREMM Margottini, also calling at Limassol.

This stopover allowed the sailors of Provence to strengthen their cooperation with the Cypriot Navy, maintained by the partnerships with the ships of the French Navy on the island. The crew of the Provence was also able to carry out cooperative actions with the crew of the FREMM Margottini of the Italian Navy, in Limassol, ensuring the tactical command of the Italian operation MEDITERRANEO SECURO. This exchange thus made it possible to lay the foundations for future cooperation between the two units deployed in the same theatre of operation.

This operational release strengthened the interoperability of the crew of La Provence with its partners in the Eastern Mediterranean and allowed it to plan the continuation of its situational awareness and patrol mission in the Eastern Mediterranean.