On December 12, 2022, the Marseille Marine Fire Brigade Battalion (BMPM) christened its new transport, fire and rescue boat (ETIS), Lacydon, at the La Bigue Fire and Rescue Center (CIS).

The baptism ceremony was presided over by Rear Admiral Lionel Mathieu, commander of the BMPM, the school of sailors-firefighters of the Navy and the Navy in Marseille and took place in the presence of Mr. Yannick Ohanessian, Deputy Mayor of Marseille, in charge of public tranquility, the BMPM, prevention and security and the Commissioner General of 2eclass Thierry de La Burgade, deputy to the maritime prefect of the Mediterranean. The unit also welcomed First Class Quartermaster Jérémie Mion, a top sportsman and European sailing champion, who was chosen as the sponsor of theLacydon. A sponsorship that makes sense with regard to the missions that will be entrusted to ETIS and especially its participation in securing the water when Marseille will host the sailing events of the Olympic Games in 2024. The brotherhood of arms between the godfather and the unit that has chosen him necessarily generates a fruitful exchange around different cultures and interests, on the solid basis of common values. The high-level athletes of the Joinville Battalion, which brings together this “army of champions”, wear not only the colors of the France and participate in its influence abroad but also those of their army of belonging. They serve as an internal model and represent the armed forces and their values in civil society. To count Quartermaster Jérémie among the sponsors of our boats is an honor.

Missions ofthe Lacydon:

Rapid projection of firefighters to reinforce the fireboat;
Fighting pleasure craft fires in a shallow draft harbour;
Firefighting, using 1 LDV 600 L/min or 1 water cannon of 1500 L/min (water or foaming solution) from the edge;
Projection of teams for the safety of human life;
Power supply to an establishment on a breakdown or dock (70 mm or 45 mm);
Towing of “DEPOLL” dams (150 m);
Securing a boat;
Nautical reconnaissance.

The BMPM is the largest unit of the French Navy with nearly 2,600 soldiers and civilians, men and women, fighting every day against almost all the risks identified by the civil security in Marseille, the second city of France. The BMPM also ensures the security of Marseille-Provence airport, Airbus Helicopters, as well as ships docked and stranded in the east and west basins of the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM), the first port of France.