Putting their operational qualifications at stake, the two crews demonstrated their know-how and fighting spirit during ten days of exercise, on land and at sea. During this joint MECO, the Floréal and the Champlain conducted joint training, under the tactical command of the Floréal.

A HADR (Human Assistance Distress Rescue) exercise was carried out jointly by the two crews based on a scenario of isolating an island following the passage of a tropical storm. The Floréal and the Champlain conducted a coordinated maneuver to provide medical and logistical assistance to the population and to organize the evacuation of the wounded by sea. This operation involved all the students of a defense and security class at the Lycée Saint-Paul IV, recently sponsored by the Champlain BSAOM.

This MECO double internship was an opportunity to progress together to increase operational skills.

The Armed Forces in the Southern Indian Ocean (FAZSOI) carry out a wide range of missions in an area of permanent responsibility with significant lengths. From Mayotte and Reunion Island, more than 1,700 military personnel guarantee the protection of the population, protect exclusive economic zones, and fight against piracy and illicit trafficking. The FAZSOI frequently support State action missions at sea and implement France’s military partnerships with countries in southern Africa and the southern Indian Ocean.