At the “Eastern Shipyard” a floating light heavy metal pier of the PM-61M1 (factory number 1020) was launched. As specified in the press service of the enterprise, the structure is being built as part of the state defense order and is intended for the Russian Navy.

The floating pier is planned to be handed over to the customer in November 2023, representatives of the “Eastern Shipyard” added.”

The berth of the PM-61M1 project ensures the simultaneous parking of two submarines or two surface ships with a displacement of not more than 5000 tons, the supply of water and electricity from the shore, telephone communications with the shore, loading and unloading operations along the entire length of the pier using pneumocolic and caterpillar cranes.

The length of the berth section is 36 meters, the width – 8.2 meters, the thickness of the sides – 6 mm, the decks – 8 mm, the draft – 0.4 – 0.6 meters. The pier has six waterproof bulkheads.

“Eastern Shipyard” (earlier – Vladivostok Shipbuilding Plant, GCC № 602) – one of the leading shipbuilding enterprises of Primorsky Krai and the Far East. Has been working since 1952. He specializes in the production of warships, supply vessels and moorings for the TOF and the FSB Border Service.

The technical capabilities of the “Eastern Shipyard” provide a full cycle of work on the construction of ships and ships up to 120 meters long, up to 16 meters wide, up to 25 meters high and downhole weighing up to 2500 tons ( displacement – up to 3500 tons ).

Earlier this week became known, that the “Eastern Shipyard” passed under the sole control of the Amur Shipbuilding Plant.