Continuing the journey to Muscat, Oman, KRI Bima Suci soldiers carried out a 3-Day War Guard Role to secure the danger of ship piracy when passing through the waters of the Gulf of Aden which is an area prone to piracy and ship piracy that often occurs. Sunday (1/10).

All soldiers of KRI Bima Suci are required to understand the duties, place of combat posts, what must be carried out based on the KRI Bima Suci Combat Master book, personnel adjustments, and the Typical Internal Service Regulations (PDD) of the Indonesian Navy.

In carrying out the War Guard Role, the guard division is divided into 2 divisions, namely the left hull guard division and the right hull guard division by carrying out guard every six hours which is divided into two groups aimed at to divide the power of all Soldiers and anticipate the danger of terror that could occur.

This is an order from Pangkoarmada II Laksda TNI Yayan Sofiyan, S.T., M.Si., CHRMP., M.Tr.Opsla., so that every soldier is always vigilant and maintains security in every task so that nothing unwanted happens.