The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) conducted its “First” joint maritime search and rescue exercise with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and the Korea Coast Guard (KCG). This was also the first joint exercise after the signing of the “Letter of Intent” regarding the improving cooperation among the Japan-U.S.-Korea Coast Guards.

JCG Wakasa

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In addition, as part of mutual interaction, USCG and KCG patrol vessels called at the MAIZURU Port for JCG facility tours and mutual visit to the patrol vessels.

1 Exercise Date and Location
Date June 6th, 2024 (Thu.) 11:30~15:30
  Location Northern waters of Tango Peninsula
       (approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes from Maizuru Port)
        *Mutual interaction were conducted June 3rd to 5th, 2024.
 2 Exercise Outline
Under the assumption that two vessels collide with each other on the high seas and a fire breaks out, JCG, USCG and KCG cooperated with conduct the following exercise.
  (1) Communication exercise between MAIZURU RCC and DONGHAE RCC(sharing information on vessels in distress)
  (2) Search and rescue planning exercise (drifting forecast, search area setting)
  (3) Joint search and rescue exercise (search and rescue of life rafts and escaped or missing crew members(rescue dummy)
  (4) Firefighting exercise (Conduct firefighting exercise by spraying water on ship on fire)

3 Participating Authorities and Assets
 (1) Japan Coast Guard (8th Regional CG HQs)
   ・MAIZURU RCC (Rescue Coordination Centre)
   ・Patrol Vessel “WAKASA” (1,500 gross tons, operated by MAIZURU CG Office)
   ・Helicopter :1

(2) U.S. Coast Guard
   ・Patrol vessel “WAESCHE”(4,500 gross tons)
   ・Helicopter :1

(3) Korea Coast Guard (KCG Region-EAST)
   ・DONGHAE RCC (Rescue Coordination Centre)
   ・Patrol Vessel “TAEPYONGYANG 1

4 Mutual Interaction
Prior to the implementation of this exercise, each agency (JCG, USCG and KCG) conducted a courtesy call for the Commander of 8th regional CGHQ, a facilities tour at the JCG school, and mutual visits to patrol vessels, etc. to promote mutual understanding. 

5 Schedule Outline
June 3 (Mon.)
   AM USCG patrol vessels called at the MAIZURU Port
   PM KCG patrol vessels called at the MAIZURU Port
June 4 (Tue.)
   AM Courtesy call for the Commander of 8th regional CGHQ
   PM Facility Tours:
      - the JCG School
      - Patrol vessel WAKASA
June 5 (Wed.)
   AM Mutual visits to USCG and KCG patrol vessels
   PM Meeting for Joint SAR Exercise
June 6 (Thu.)
  EOD Farewell, Joint SAR Exercise