69 students from the Naval School of Cadets “Almirante Padilla”, among which are seven women, were part of this cruise.

Yesterday morning, the ARC Training Ship “Gloria” docked in Cartagena, which after sailing for more than eight thousand nautical miles for 67 days, ends the first phase of the Instruction and Training cruise of students of the Naval School of Cadets “Almirante Padilla” of the year 2023, which on this occasion visited the ports of Halifax in Canada, Boston in the United States, Cozumel in Mexico and, finally, the Island of San Andrés in national territory.

This group of 69 young people have been strengthened both physically and mentally through the challenges they encountered during their navigation in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean; and who tested their leadership and teamwork skills, with the aim of training as seamen and women at the service of Colombia and its maritime interests.

For 67 days, the students lived a transformative experience that forged their character and prepared them for the challenges they will face as officers of the Colombian Navy. Likewise, they had the opportunity to meet new cultures and create bonds of friendship in the different ports to which they called on behalf of Colombia, its people, its traditions, and the values embodied by the youth who have chosen as a life project the service to the homeland at sea.

Likewise, the future officers of the Colombian Navy had the honor of representing our country in different cultural and protocol activities during the port days in the countries visited, participating in professional visits to historical places, emblematic sites and official institutions. Likewise, they made cultural presentations to the local authorities, through which our traditions were shown, leaving high the name of our country and the Colombian Navy.

“Today we proudly receive this group of young people who, within their training process, have the opportunity to make their training cruise aboard this flagship. Here they enliven the love for the sea, apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom and gain experience in navigation, while receiving instruction on astronomical navigation, maneuvers, damage control, auxiliary machinery and general logistics, “said the Director of the Naval School of Cadets Almirante Padilla, Rear Admiral Camilo Mauricio Gutiérrez Olano.

The ARC Training Ship “Gloria” will remain in Cartagena until the ninth of October, the day on which it will sail to the waters of the Pacific Ocean with the aim of starting the second phase of the instruction and training cruise of students of the Naval School of Cadets “Almirante Padilla”, which on this occasion will visit ports in the countries of Panama, Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

The Colombian Navy, through the ARC Training Ship “Gloria”, will continue to carry a message of brotherhood throughout the oceans of the globe, promoting the image of the country and establishing bonds of friendship with other nations, also becoming a symbol of national pride and a means to spread Colombian identity throughout the world.