On December 10, the LSM “Elicura” celebrates 54 years in the service of the Navy. It has navigated through the cold and complex southern waters of the country to fulfill the tasks entrusted by the Third Naval Zone, characterized by supporting isolated towns such as Caleta Tortel, Puerto Edén and Puerto Williams, in addition to carrying out maritime signaling work. in the Strait of Magellan.

The “Elicura” barge was the first to be built entirely in Chile, at the Asmar Talcahuano industrial plant. It was on December 10, 1968 that it entered service, thus contributing to the development of the Magallanes region and the Chilean Antarctic Territory, in addition to being a contribution to the five mission areas of the Institution.

Its motto “There are no Impossibles” has marked the spirit in the crews that have given life and soul to the ship, reflecting the unique and versatile character of the “Elicura”, making history with each departure.

“Currently the LSM ‘Elicura’ continues to carry out its tasks with the same strength, the same sacrifice and feeling of fulfillment of the duty of the first endowments, supporting the maintenance of maritime signaling, communities in isolated areas, in the transport of Marine Infantry forces for amphibious operations, to combat environmental contamination and to contribute to search and rescue operations in inland waters ”, said Commander of the LSM “Elicuta”, Commander Gonzalo Álvarez.

“We renew our commitment to continue serving Chile aboard our unit and contribute to the fulfillment of the tasks that the Third Naval Zone and the Chilean Navy give us for the development of the country. For the Elicura Barge, the impossible does not exist, ”added Commander Álvarez.