NOTE: The release omits the name of the submarine that is taking part.

Chinese naval troops to participate in China-Thailand “Blue Strike-2023” joint naval training arrived at the training area in Thailand on August 31.

Based on the consensus reached by China and Thailand and the Chinese navy’s annual plan for international military, the navies of the two countries will hold joint training in the Gulf of Thailand and Sattahip in early September.

The Chinese naval task force includes the amphibious dock landing ship Simingshan, guided-missile frigate Anyang, and comprehensive supply ship Chaohu, as well as a Marine Corps element and a shipboard helicopter element. The two sides will conduct land and sea joint training and exchange activities centered on subjects including sniping tactics, jungle survival, maritime search and rescue, and cross-deck helicopter landing.

The joint training, continuing the outcomes gained through the China-Thailand “Blue Strike” joint training series since 2010, will further strengthen the cooperation between the two navies in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, enhance mutual trust and exchange at the tactical and operational level, and lay a foundation for the two sides to carry out joint missions.