In the midst of an emotional ceremony held at the facilities of the ARC “Bolívar” Naval Base in the city of Cartagena, the ARC sea patrol boat “Juan Nepomuceno Eslava”, a afloat unit of the Colombian Navy, which for 30 years sailed 267,409 nautical miles under the command of 22 commanders, guaranteeing maritime security in the Colombian Caribbean, was deactivated.

The deactivation of a warship is a transcendental event that, materialized in a ceremony, pays tribute to each of the crew members who were part of its history and who, in this particular case, contributed to combating scourges such as drug trafficking and smuggling, as well as the development of search and rescue operations and support for the community.

“As the current commander of this unit, I want to express my deep gratitude for the honor and responsibility conferred upon me during this time. It has been a privilege to lead and serve alongside each of my crew members, the shared experiences and challenges overcome. Although today we deactivate this unit, its legacy will live on in the history of our Nation,” emphasized Lieutenant Edwin Rincón, Commander of this ship.

The ceremony, presided over by the Commander of the Caribbean Naval Force, Rear Admiral Camilo Ernesto Segovia Forero, had a very emotional moment that was the last lowering of the Command Pennardete, which symbolizes the presence of a naval officer on board. Whistle honors were also performed, followed by 21 cannon salutes.

30 years of history in the Colombian Caribbean

Under the command of Lieutenant Commander Francisco Fernando Ospina Duque, she began her first voyage on May 16, 1994 from the city of Mobile, Alabama, in the United States, to the dock of the ARC “Bolívar” Naval Base, in the city of Cartagena. Four days later, on May 20, he arrived for the first time in Colombia, and from that moment on, he participated in countless operations, fully fulfilling the assigned mission and obtaining satisfactory results.

It should be noted that the name of this afloat unit is a tribute to the first commander of the General Command of the Navy, in 1810, Rear Admiral Juan Nepomuceno Eslava.

The Colombian Navy bids farewell with honors and gratitude to this afloat unit that contributed to maritime security and the exercise of sovereignty in the Colombian Caribbean.